The Blue Hole Secret Falls

The Blue Hole Secret Falls is still a phenomenon on the Jamaica scene. Surely, there are numerous waterfalls that flow on the island that have been featured in many travel magazines. These publications have aided in signifying Jamaica as a top Caribbean destination.

Before the Blue Hole gained such astounding popularity, the more renowned falls were: Reach Falls, YS Falls, Somerset Falls and the ever popular Dunn’s River Falls. These water pleasures still exist and manage to attract their fair share of visitors; they are the major falls, and there are many others that haven’t seen the light of day as yet because of the remoteness.

Nevertheless, the Blue Hole in Ocho Rios is a fantastic water-fall. It embodies almost all that one could wish for in natural resource of this nature. It has shallow areas, deep pools and rich deep blue color that is obvious due to the presence of the lime stones.

The Secret Falls affords water frolickers the opportunity to swing, dive, jump, swim and explore the hidden cave.  This wonder of nature is nestled in the rustic community of Tatch Hill St. Ann; just a twenty short minutes out of Ocho Rios, the trip to the Blue Hole is definitely worth it. The lush green surrounding is surreal; it can be described as nature’s gift to mankind.

Best Jamaica, the most guest-centered Tour Company on the island provides private tours to this dreamlike attraction; we know how to add a unique flavor to make the day tour experience memorable and an adventure that you will tell to everyone you meet. Check out our websites to view the stunning pictures and read the excellent reviews on Trip Advisor. You can’t afford to miss out on this awesome experience. Call us to book your private tour.

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Riu Montego Bay Transportation

It’s all about “Fun in the Sun”, we imagine that is what you envision your vacation in Jamaica to be. Best Jamaica is ready to get your vacation off to a great start. Private Airport Transfer is provided from the Montego Bay Airport to all three Riu Resorts in Montego Bay.

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Secrets Falls Ocho Rios.

Blue Hole Excursion Ocho Rios

Blue Hole Excursion Ocho Rios

The secret is now in the open. Secluded, yet not spoiled, and still considered off the beaten path. It is magnificent, majestic and royal, and even more it welcomes all whether you are of the elite class or just a commoner, or if you belong to the aristocracy society or an ordinary common person.

It is deep yet shallow, blue and impressive, remarkable, extraordinary and could be considered a national treasure. It has welcome thousands already and is just as welcoming to the future millions that will come and enjoy her.

In case you are still wondering, we are speaking about the Blue Hole Secret Falls located in the small community of Thatch Hill just 20 minutes from Ocho Rios in St. Ann.

Best Jamaica, the most guest-centric Tour Company on the island offers tours to this private excursion at the best rates. If you are full of vigor and crave adventure and you are in for a great time in Jamaica, the Blue Hole should be on you to do list.

                        Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the difference between Dunn’s Falls River and the Blue Hole?

A: The Dunn’s River Falls is nothing short of being splendid and situated in one of the better parks in Jamaica. It is one of the only water-falls in the world that empties directly into the sea; another fact is: it is a combination of beach and falls.The Blue Hole is less crowded, it is sexier and offers more adventure in the form of activities such as jumping, diving, rope swings, cave exploration and just plain river frolicking.

Q: Could we combine both the Dunn’s River Falls and the Blue Hole on a day trip.
A: Most certainly, Best Jamaica the most guest’s centric Tour Company on the island encourages combining both waterfalls on your day tours. We strongly believe in creating value for money; this is one of our ideals.

Q: How far away is the Blue Hole Secret Falls from Montego Bay?
A: The Secret Falls is about 1.5 hrs drive from Montego Bay and about 1 hour from the cruise port in Falmouth.

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