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Blue Hole Excursions:  The Blue Hole is undoubtedly the best waterfall in Jamaica. Situated just outside the township of Ocho Rios, the Blue Hole Secret Falls is a natural phenomenon that never seizes to amaze the many who indulge in this awesome wonder. If you are intrigued by water-related activities then you must see and enjoy the Blue Hole. Montego Bay Airport Private Car Service

Blue Hole Excursions
Blue Hole Adventures

Dunn’s River Falls:  One of Jamaica’s most popular waterfalls, the Dunn’s is quite an exhilarating experience. Situated in the resort township of Ocho Rios, this natural wonder could surely be worth your time. This stunning water falls is great for swimmers and non-swimmers alike. The main activity there is a guided climb up the water falls which is about 600 feet high and is pure fun. Private Shore Excursion Montego Bay Cruise Port

Dunn's River Falls
Private tour to Dunn’s River falls

River Tubing: River tubing on the White River in Ocho Rios is probably the best place on the island to enjoy this exhilarating adventure.  The water flow at the White River is the perfect pace for a little adrenalin rush; yet is still safe for children. This adventure can be combined with other excursions such as the Blue Hole, Horse Back Ride and Swim or Dunn’s River Falls. Private Shore Excursion Montego Bay Cruise Port

River Tubing

Horse Back Ride and Swim: Horse Back Ride and Swim is one of the most exotic Caribbean Adventures. Even for persons who have a phobia of horses do from time to time dare to imagine being on the back of one of these lovely creatures.  Best Jamaica the most guest-centric Tour Company in Jamaica work with some of best stables on the island. Let us help you to plan this excursion so you can enjoy the best of what Jamaica has to offer.Private Shore Excursion Montego Bay Cruise Port

Horse Back Ride and Swim Jamaica
Horse back ride and swim Jamaica

Bob Marley Nine Mile: Bob Marley is certainly the most popular Jamaican and an Icon on the world’s stage. For many, including myself, the Bob Marley Mausoleum in Nine Mile is the closest I’m ever going to get to the Legend. If you are fan of Bob, then this tour is for you. It is a guided tour of his birth house as well as his final resting place. Private Shore Excursion Montego Bay Cruise Port

Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour
Private tour to Bob Marley Nine Miles.

YS Falls Tours: A splendid waterfall situated on the Southern side of the Island, the YS Falls is another of the island’s natural wonder. The South Shores of Jamaica is less explored and is labeled as being “off the beaten path”.  Jamaica is blessed with waterfalls and certainly the YS Falls in the top draw. The falls is actually located on a working animal farm; it’s truly a beautiful setting where the lawns are perfectly manicured and the operation is very organized. Private Shore Excursion Montego Bay Cruise Port

YS Falls Tour
YS Falls Adventure

Black River Safari: The Black River Safari is a one of kind adventure in Jamaica. The Black River is Jamaica’s longest navigable river and has become a habitat for some interesting wild life. The most famous resident of the river is the Jamaican Crocodiles which are a protected species.  There are a several other adventures in this area that could be combined with the Black River Safari. Private Shore Excursion Montego Bay Cruise Port

Black River Safari Tour
Black River Safari

Floyd Pelican Bar: The Pelican Bar is one of the most unique activities in Jamaica.One of the world’s few Sea-Bar, built on sand dunes on the south shore of Jamaica. This excursion is a favorite of both locals and visitors alike. Since the Pelican Bar is built out in the Caribbean Sea, there is no physical land address, Located just outside on the Township of Black River where one jumps on a boat for a 15 minute ride before reaching this Sea Bar. Private Shore Excursion Montego Bay Cruise Port

Floyd Pelican Bar Tour
Pelican Bar

Negril Beach and Sunset:  Negril Beach and Sunset Tour is one of the hallmarks of Best Jamaica, the number one Tour Company on the island. Negril is famous for its Beaches, Cliff Diving and Beautiful Sunsets. A Negril Day Tour with Best Jamaica is distinguishable by our Top Quality Service at super low rates.Private Shore Excursion Montego Bay Cruise Port

Negril Beach and Sunset Tours
Negril Beach and Sunset Adventure

Appleton Estate Rum Tour:  Jamaica is famous for reggae, sun, beaches, food, people and one cannot forget the rums. The Appleton Estate is the most popular rum factory in Jamaica and they offer a guided tour of the property. The Appleton Rum Factory is located on the Southern Shores of Jamaica and makes a great combination with the YS Falls and /or Pelican Bar. Private Shore Excursion Montego Bay Cruise Port

Appleton Estate Rum Tour
Appleton Estate Rum Tour

Luminous Lagoon: The Luminous Lagoon is another of Jamaica’s most interesting adventure. It is a body of water that lights up whenever it is disturbed. The eerie glow comes from small micro-organisms that emit light when disturbed; the glow occurs because there are millions of these micro-organisms living in the lagoon. Private Shore Excursion Montego Bay Cruise Port

Luminous Lagoon tour from Montego Bay
Luminous Lagoon

Martha Brae Rafting: Pictures of Rafting on the Martha Brae graced the front of many Jamaican Post Cards during the 80s and 90s. It was one the most popular things to do then, and today still holds its own as a must do in Jamaica. If you would like a relaxing adventure which doesn’t need a lot of mobility nor energy. The Martha Brae Rafting is 40 minutes from Montego Bay Hotels and a mere 15 minutes from Falmouth Hotels. Private Shore Excursion Montego Bay Cruise Port

Rafting on the Martha Brae River
Rafting on the Martha Brae River