Blue Hole Excursions from Falmouth Cruise Port- Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has been a permanent visitor to the Falmouth Port for over seven years. In fact, the Falmouth Port was developed by Royal Caribbean in conjunction with the Government of Jamaica and has a result it has become their local Jamaican base.

Best Jamaica the number one Tour Company in Jamaica offers top quality private excursions from the Falmouth Port like none other. All our tours and excursions are private which makes it very easy to provide top quality service from the Falmouth Port.

Best Jamaica also offers private airport transfers from Montego Bay Airport as well as almost anything to do with private transportation in Jamaica. However, the flagship tour of Best Jamaica is our ever popular Royal Caribbean Excursion to Blue Hole waterfalls. While Dunn’s River Falls is by far the most popular waterfalls in Jamaica but the Blue Hole is better.  At the Dunn’s River, the main activity is to climb the falls which by the way is majestic, grand and truly amazing. However, the Blue Hole is different, it allows swimming, diving, rope swings and even cave exploration.

Our tour to the Blue Hole from Falmouth is second to none. All our drivers are trained in customer service and are willing to over and beyond to ensure that your day here in Jamaica will be pleasant memories. Our aim is always to create such a day trip that it will be the envy of your friends and family.

The Blue Hole Secret Falls is located just outside of the resort town of Ocho Rios.  It is about a 90-minute drive from the Falmouth Port along the A1 highway. The drive is picturesque as part of the highway hugs the shoreline while other times the roadway can be some distance away from the Caribbean Sea but a couple hundred feet above sea level creating breathtaking views.

Blue Hole4


Jamaica Private Tour

Best Tours to Do in Jamaica

Jamaica is the quintessential tourist destination in Caribbean hands down. There are many things for visitors to do as it relates to Tours and Excursions. Best Jamaica is the number one Tour Company on the island and offers top quality tours and excursions to top sites as well as your favorite attractions.

If Jamaica has been on your bucket list and you will be visiting soon, then you need to have another bucket list of the things to do while you are in Jamaica. This beautiful island is loaded with some of the most exquisite things to do, especially being the largest English speaking Caribbean nation. The country boast approximately one hundred and twenty rivers, and is home to some of the best water falls in the Caribbean.

For an intriguing day on the island, the Dunn’s River Falls is certainly a must do; you should join the millions who have joined hands to climb the gigantic waterfalls and feel the rush of adrenalin as they look back to see the path they have taken. The Dunn’s River Falls is by far the most popular tourist attraction in the Caribbean and is located in the resort town of Ocho Rios on the northern coastal area of Jamaica.  It is majestic, grandiose, impressive and safe for children.

Without competing with this great water fall, less than thirty minutes’ drive away is the Blue Hole Secret Falls which is the new phenomena. According to most people who have visited the major waterfalls here on the island, the Blue Hole is their favorite. The feature of this attraction differs in some ways from the Dunn’s River. In addition to falls climbing, there is rope swinging, cave exploration and cliff jumping. Sounds like a great adventure, doesn’t it? Well it most definitely is!!

Gastronomy is another great area for experiencing the Jamaican culture, but with so much going on otherwise it has not been on the forefront. Jamaica is known for its jerk chicken and pork, several jerk pits can be found along some of the major roadways allowing ease of access to the appetizing meats. For beverages, Jamaican Rums are a favorite worldwide, and so is the Blue Mountain Coffee which incidentally is one of the most expensive in the world. For even more eats, Jamaican Patties are now a household name and rake in raving reviews by almost all who have had them. The key to having a great Jamaican patty is to try them fresh out of the oven at one of the many bakeries who bake them on site. I’m sorry to disappoint you but the patties at the resort are just not the same and for most part borderline horrible.

For a taste of rich music and culture, the Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour is to be considered; though seen as an off the beaten path tour, the trek into the woods does not disappoint.  Although this tour is popular the road for most part is narrow and winding despite the frequent traverse by both small and big buses.  It is about an hour drive up through the hills of some rustic and somewhat remote communities giving a more robust overview of what rural Jamaica is really like.

Another great highlight of Jamaica is the Negril Beach and Sunset Tour- this adventure is sure to enhance your Jamaica vacation experience. Negril is a small resort town and is famous for its Seven Mile Beach and rightly so. While most major resorts sit on a private beach, the Seven Mile Beach is Negril is the best that Jamaica has to offer.  Consequently, investing in a day tour to Negril which typically ends at Rick’s Café for some cliff diving, live music and cocktails is one of the must do activities in Jamaica- it’s a promise that you will never regret it.

The Southern Coastal area of Jamaica is lesser known than the northern side. However, it has its own uniqueness and boasts a more rustic experience of the island. Nevertheless, these types of excursions do stack up with those offered on the north coast. As previously stated, Jamaica is known for its rum –  perhaps the most famous brand is the Appleton Rum. The factory where this exotic brand of alcoholic beverages are blended is located one the southern coast of Jamaica, and the facility offers a detailed tour of the property, shares the rich history and  provides samples at the end.

In boasting its bounty of water bodies, there is the YS Waterfalls, also located on the South Coast and can match any of the others around the island. It is a seven tier waterfalls in the middle of working animal farm.  The area that is designated for this activity is well landscaped and lawns are professionally manicured. To experience an off the beaten path adventure, the South Coast is the place of choice.

Floyd Pelican Bar is another big hit and it is also located on the south coast of Jamaica. It is the only Sea Bar in the region, and makes for an interesting visit. Situated on sand dunes about a half a mile out into the Caribbean Sea, it could surely enhance your trip to south shore of Jamaica and is very well worth the trip to wander away from your resort. The waters that surrounds this rustic wooden bar is quite shallow and is great for snorkeling.

There you have it- so many options to experience the best of Jamaica; there is definitely something for very visitor regardless of your personality type or special interest. The beautiful island of Jamaica can cater to every unique and specific needs, desires and liking.

Luminous Lagoon Tour from Montego Bay

It is uncommon to find a glowing body of water during their travels. On the island of Jamaica, there is such a body of water called, the Luminous Lagoon. Tours of this bay is a great little excursion that should be considered while visiting Jamaica. Due to the fact that the tour is done at nights, it is hardly in the way of any other choice of activity and so can be done and get you back to your resort in time for dinner. Best Jamaica, the most guest centered Tour Company on the island offers Luminous Lagoon Tours from Montego Bay at great rates.

Luminous Lagoon, located in the historic Town of Falmouth, is a natural wonder and is close to where the Martha Brae Rivers empties into the Caribbean Sea. The explanation for this awesome sight to behold is that it is home to millions of dinoflagellates (algae). The body of water lights up whenever it is disturbed even by its natural inhabitants, fishes. At night, the lagoon sparkles and glows when disturbed, as these microscopic organisms produce an uncanny glow, reflecting the outlines of fish and other objects in the water. It is said that there are only four places in the world where this occur and the location is Falmouth is the most luminous.

All tours the Luminous Lagoon offered by Best Jamaica are totally private; this means that you will be the only one in the vehicle with us. However, the tour on the lagoon is a boat ride and that aspect is a shared ride and not on a private boat. We normally get going around 5:45 PM depending on where in Montego Bay you are located. The first boat ride starts around 7 PM for a duration of about 45 minutes. The actual boat ride is not more than 10 minutes, however the captain will dock at the most luminous area on the bay and allow swimming.

Best Jamaica offers the best rates to the Luminous Lagoon Night Tour. We have special group rates starting from 6 persons up that cannot be beat. All our drivers are friendly, knowledgeable and trained in defensive driving. Our vehicles are modern, spacious and fully air-conditioned.

Private Tours from Montego Bay

MSC Cruise Private Excursions Jamaica

Private Tours from MSC Cruises Jamaica

Jamaica has been a cruise destination for many years and the MSC Cruise Line has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the beautiful island in the sun. The exquisite cruise line has been visiting Jamaica for several decades without ceasing. Presently MSC Armonia and MSC Seaside both visit Jamaica on a weekly basis. Best Jamaica is the number one transportation provider on the island, and the most guest centered Tour Company and offers top quality private Excursion from the MSC cruise ships.

The MSC Seaside vessel now calls at the Ocho Rios Port each week. This resort town is superbly unique as it is blessed with an avalanche of waterfalls and other interesting and fun excursions. Among the manner thrilling adventures there is: Zipline, horseback ride and swim, bobsled on a rail are many other private excursions that can be enjoyed after dis-embarking the MSC Seaside.

Almost every visitor to Jamaica has heard of the Dunn’s River Falls; located in Ocho Rios, this gigantic water falls is Jamaica’s premier tourist attraction. It is a great experience and is a must-do for at least once in your life time. Also located in Ocho Rios is the Blue Hole Secret Falls which is rapidly becoming the number one excursion in Jamaica. While the Dunn’s River and the Blue Hole boast the feature of being a waterfall, they both have their unique characteristic which make them extremely appealing standing alone. Both are great water excursions that visitors can and should indulge from the MSC cruises.

The MSC Opera and MSC Armonia make regular call to the Montego Cruise Port weekly. Best Jamaica offers the most sought-after private tours from the MSC Cruise ships in Jamaica. Montego Bay is a great location for cruise excursion as it is in the slapped in the middle between Ocho Rios and Negril, another resort town.

Blue Hole Excursions and Dunn’s River Excursion from the Montego Bay is totally possible. Ocho Rios is just a 90-minute drive east of Montego Bay on the A1 highway, and Negril is further west boasting the best beaches in Jamaica. If you are a beach person then this will be the perfect shore excursion from the MSC Cruise ship. Traveling from the Montego Bay Cruise Port, the drive to Negril is scenic, smooth and enjoyable. The roadway for most part hugs the shoreline which creates a panoramic views and vistas.

Best Jamaica offers the best Private excursions from the Ocho Rios and Montego Bay Cruise Ports where the MSC Cruise ship stops for the day. Private excursions are Best Jamaica’s forte. There is a guarantee of a perfectly spent day on the beautiful Caribbean island. Tour Operators are knowledgeable, personable and enthused about showing cruisers a great time on the island, however short the time may seem. All vehicles are modern, spacious and fully air-conditioned vehicle. We also offer guided tours in Spanish for all Spanish speaking group.


Private Tour Jamaica

Private Tours in Jamaica

Jamaica is the quintessential tourist destination in Caribbean. The options for Tours and Excursions are unlimited, interesting and down-right exhilarating. Best Jamaica is the number one Tour Company on the island offering highest quality tours and excursions to top sites on the island.

If Jamaica has been on your bucket list and you will be visiting soon, then you also need to have a bucket list of the things to do in Jamaica. Being the largest English speaking Caribbean Island, Jamaica boasts approximately one hundred and twenty rivers, and is home to some of the best water falls in the world.

Dunn’s River Falls is certainly the most popular tourist attraction in the Caribbean, it is located in the resort town of Ocho Rios on the northern coastal area of Jamaica. It is majestic, grandiose, impressive and at the same time safe, even for children. Driving another thirty minutes or so, you will find the Blue Hole Secret Falls which is the new phenomena in water thrillers in Jamaica. According to most people who have visited the major waterfalls here on the island, the Blue Hole is their favorite.

Gastronomy is another great area of the Jamaican experience; but with so many other offerings it has not been on the forefront. Jamaica is internationally known for its jerk chicken and pork and there are many jerk pits along some of the major roadways. When it comes to beverages, Jamaican Rums are a favorite worldwide and so is the Blue Mountain Coffee which incidentally is one of the most expensive in the world. Jamaican Patties are now a house hold name and rakes in raving reviews by almost all who have had them. The key to having a great Jamaican patty is to try them fresh out of the oven at one of the many bakeries. I’m sorry to disappoint you but the patties at the resort are just not the same and for the most part borderline horrible when compared to the oven-hot version.

An experience of the rich culture of Jamaica can be had at Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour. This site could be considered as an off the beaten path tour. Although quite popular, the roads for most part are narrow and winding and despite the frequent traverse by both small and big buses it is all part of the adventure. The site of the Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour is about an hour drive off the northern coastal highway, traveling up through the hills of rustic and somewhat remote communities giving a more robust overview of what rural Jamaica is about.

For relaxation, the Negril Beach and Sunset Tour can surely enhance your Jamaica vacation. Negril is famous for its Seven Mile Beach and rightly so. While most major resorts sit on a private beach, the Seven Mile Beach is Negril is the best that Jamaica has to offer. Consequently, day tours to Negril is quite popular and a favorite of many first-time and repeat visitors; even the locals find Negril to be captivating. The conclusion of a Negril Day Tour will be at the famous Rick’s Café for some cliff diving, cocktails and live entertainment by the resident reggae band. Unequivocally, a Day Tour to Negril is one of the must do activities in Jamaica.

The Southern Coastal area of Jamaica is known to a lesser extent than its northern side. However, the South Coast boasts its own unique treasure of adventures that matches and even possibly out-shines those on the North Coast. As is already established, Jamaica is known for its rum, well perhaps the most famous brand is the Appleton Rum. The factory is located on the southern coast of Jamaica and offers the most interesting tour of the facility, highlighting the procedure for making the world-famous alcoholic drink with samples at the end.

MBJ Transportation to Secrets St. James

Secret St. James is one of the Jamaica’s exquisite hotels and is located in the resort town of Montego Bay. Situated on a peninsular in the vicinity of Freeport, travelling to this tucked away paradise is easy. Best Jamaica, the eminent Tour Company in Jamaica offers uncompromised private airport transportation to the Secrets St. James.

The Secrets St. James resort offers the ultimate Caribbean vacation; many guests immensely enjoy the seclusion and privacy offered by its location. While many travel packages are sold with round trip transportation from the airport and back, not every traveler will have access to this offer. Consequently, many visitors will need to book their transportation from MBJ to Secrets St. James independently.

Securing high quality Montego Bay Private Airport Transfer is as easy as 123. Best Jamaica is only one click away. While shared shuttle service from the airport to the St. James may an option, it surely is not the best. It could be that vacationer waste precious time of a well-planned and much anticipated vacation. Waiting around is by no means part of the vacation plan. Many times shared transportation service requires almost a full bus before they get going. It means that it may not get going immediately which could be upsetting especially after already long and exhilarating day traveling by air. Then there is the possible of heavy vehicular traffic that will certainly infuriate the calmest of souls.

The journey from the Montego Bay Airport to Secret , without heavy vehicular traffic is approximately 15 minutes each way, however with traffic it varies and could be close to half an hour.  As a result, private transfer to the Secrets. St. James is the best choice. If you will be travelling to Jamaica and staying at the Secrets St. James, opting for private transportation is your best bet. Best Jamaica offers the highest quality and lowest cost Private Airport Transfer that enhances your overall Jamaica vacation experience. You can’t afford to miss the opportunity to experience the best.

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Shore Excursions from Falmouth Jamaica

Falmouth Jamaica situated on the north coast of the island is where Royal Caribbean and other cruise ship companies call to port in Jamaica. The pier has been newly constructed in the old Georgian Town of Falmouth Jamaica which carries the distinction of the first town in the western hemisphere to have had piped water.

If you will be on a cruise that is calling to this port, then you may want to explore Jamaica by going on any of our Falmouth shore excursions. Depending on your interests, Best Jamaica will recommend some of the best things to do that suit your interest and budget. We offer only private Falmouth shore excursions with ridiculously low rates which are much lower than the prices they offer on the ships.

We at Best Jamaica are quite adept at Jamaica excursions planning and would love to help you plan your day here on the island. We know where the best local spots are and know the feasibility of infusing them into your Falmouth shore excursions. Many cruisers do not get the most out of their time on the island either because they don’t know or the people who were entrusted with the planning of day do not care or just do not understand value for time and money.

There are many shore excursions that can be done in and around Falmouth Jamaica. Ocho Rios is only an hour away but has a plethora of natural waterfalls and beautiful beaches. If you are into horse-back riding, river tubing, one and one with nature or catamaran cruises Best Jamaica can surely be of help.

On the other side of Falmouth there is Montego Bay which needs no introduction. The tourist capital of Jamaica is great for site seeing, shopping, restaurants and a great beach. Whatever your interests are, just tell us and we will work out a day of fun and entertainment for you that will be the envy of your friends and fellow cruisers.

Falmouth Cruise Excursions

Things to do in Falmouth Jamaica

Jamaica Day Tour and Excursions

During the 1800s Falmouth was a thriving town and was one of the busiest shipping ports in Jamaica.  Setting the stage for what was to be the quintessential town; the streets were laid in grid, with wide straight streets going from north to south and east to west. Falmouth was ahead of its time; you see Falmouth was the first town in the western hemisphere to have piped running water, even before “New York City”.  After emancipation, in early 1900s, Falmouth, like many other thriving colonial cities and towns became stagnant, from inactivity, as people started moving to more populated towns. But today, with its natural deep harbors, Falmouth is regaining its pride and is home to one of the island’s busiest cruise ship port, with an average of eight mega cruise ship calling into port each week.
Cruise ship excursions from Falmouth Jamaica:
The Port of Falmouth is situated perfectly for visitors who are on a quest to experience many of the Island’s main excursion activities. Although most of the popular shore excursions are not within the town of Falmouth, most are accessible to explore and enjoy during the short stay on the island.
Martha Brae Rafting Excursions:
Martha Brae rafting excursions is one of the most relaxing and romantic shore excursions in Jamaica.  Situated just 15 minutes from the cruise port of Falmouth, the Martha Brae River offers visitors an amazing experience rafting down this gentle flowing river on a hand-made bamboo raft. Visitors can only experience this in Jamaica.  This shore excursion cost $60 per raft with a maximum of two people on board.
Best place for horseback riding excursion if you are on a cruise to Falmouth Jamaica is at Hooves.  This family run property is about 40 minutes from the port of Falmouth, in St. Ann’s Bay; Hooves offers the ideal experience and place for horseback riding in Jamaica. Here our visitors are like our family; and we make sure they have a great experience.The horse-back ride and swim excursion starts out on a country trail; visitors may get the feel of what is must have felt like for plantation owners riding their horses on the estates.  The second part of the excursion is on the beach where visitors will get a chance of taking the horse for a swim in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Also, visitors doing this excursion can combine the excursion with Dunn’s River Falls and be back on board with plenty of time to spare; to then enjoy sunset on deck of your ship or shopping at the port shops.

River Rapids (at Rio Bueno) Excursions
River Rapids located in Braco, St. Ann is a great place for river excursions, and only 35 minutes from the Falmouth port. The Rio Bueno River got its name from the Spanish, which means ‘Good River’ in English.  Unlike the other similar excursions River Rapids offers the best rates, with awesome staff!  Visitors can enjoy river tubing, kayaking and rafting excursions which end on the Bengal Beach. Visitors can enjoy all the amenities on the beach; sunbathing, cold refreshments etc. before heading on to another excursion or back to the Falmouth Port.
Catamaran cruises make great excursions.
The catamaran excursion offers something different to those visitors who enjoy water sports.  Visitors can go snorkeling in the warm Caribbean waters; you will be amazed by the beauty of the underwater sea life, exploring the tropical fish and sea-garden is every snorkelers dream.  The excursion runs from 10:00 AM to 1PM and it comes with open bar and snorkeling equipment. After this short and exciting adventure along the coastline of Jamaica, take some time to enjoy Jamaican cuisine and whatever your interests are it can be found in Montego Bay before heading back to Falmouth to board your cruise ship.
The Rocklands Bird Sanctuary Excursion.
For nature lovers this is a great excursions; visitors will enjoy botanical garden to explore of nature and its tranquility. Rockland sanctuary is the only place on earth which we know of that one can hand feed hummingbirds that live in the wild. This excursion will take you about 30 miles south west of Falmouth; through Montego Bay City.  Visitors can combine this unique excursion with the Montego Bay Highlight Tour; Tour of the Rose Hall Great House among others.
Where to eat on your excursion

Chill Out Restaurant.

Chill Out Restaurant located just 10 minutes west of Falmouth in the community of Greenwood; it is a great spot to have lunch on the waterfront. The ambiance is great with an island beach setting. They serve a variety of foods which includes authentic Jamaican dishes; including a variety of seafood dishes and salad.
Jamaican Beef Patties;
While you are out and about on your shore excursions don’t hesitate to try a Beef Patty; Jamaica’s favorite pastry.  The best patties are sold directly from the local bakeries fresh out of the oven. Two of the main bakeries here on the island are ‘Juicy Beef and Tastee Patties’ and can be found across the island. Jamaican beef patties are similar to pop pastries.  Minced beef is used as a filling for making Jamaican patties, seasoned with tropical herbs and spices and then baked to perfection in a flaky shell.
Scotchies Jerk Center:
Jamaica is known for its “Jerk” and Scotchies is a great place to enjoy the authentic taste of jerk chicken. They also serve a variety of side dishes such as festivals, roasted yams and sweet potato…also a local favorite, steamed bammy which is made from cassava.  Scotchies is located in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Kingston…a perfect fit to a day of fun and excursions.
Ocho Rios Jerk Center
If you are visiting to Ocho Rios, be sure to stop in at the Ocho Rios Jerk Centerfor authentic Jamaican food. They serve a variety of Jamaican dishes including; jerked chicken and pork dishes.  It is known Jamaican jerk can be spicy treat for adults, but at the Ocho Rios Jerk center, they provide children friendly menu… so your child can enjoy Jamaican jerk on a milder side.
Appleton Rum Tour
Jamaica is the first country in the world to start the production of rum commercially and so for the folks that love rum sampling… Appleton Estate is a treat… according to the Guinness Book of World Records, “Jamaica has the most churches per square mile” I’m sure we may have the most Bars as well and stepping into a local Jamaican bar for a drink with the locals is a sure way of immersing into the local culture. However for the more adventurous, an excursion through the hilly interior of Jamaica takes you to the Appleton Estate; home of the best aged Rum on the island.  Appleton Estate started producing rum since 1749 to-date.  This shore excursion is approximately 2 hours each way driving and could worth your time. If your ship is stopping over for less than 8 hours then this excursions is not recommended.

Doctors Cave Beach and Montego Bay Highlight tour:

One of the best beaches in the world is only 30 minutes from Falmouth Port; the world famous Doctors Cave Beach, in Montego Bay. The journey from the Falmouth pier takes visitors along the scenic north coast highway, which hugs the shore line making the drive picturesque adventure.  Visitors will enjoy the contrast of Jamaica’s landscape, from the hills to the tropical Caribbean Sea.  Montego Bay is the tourist capital of Jamaica and is great for souvenir shopping, restaurants, bars, watersports etc.  It is great for sight-seeing, and for Arts lovers, visitors can also visit the second largest art gallery on the Island.It was Doctor’s Cave Beach that launched Montego Bay’s as a tourist capital of the western hemisphere in the 1880. The water at doctors cave beach was thought to have healing properties, and took on world prominence because of that medicinal curative. The beach was once own by a private medical practitioner who donated to the community in 1906 for all to enjoy.To this day, DCB is still known and revered as one of the best in the world. If you are visiting Jamaica on a cruise to Falmouth or Montego Bay, you may want to consider basking at the therapeutic Doctor’s Cave Beach.

The Bob Marley Excursions from Falmouth Jamaica:
Bob Marley is one of Jamaica’s best known international superstars; and only 90 minutes’ drive from the port of Falmouth is a small community named Nine Mile. In May of 1981, Nine mile became known to the rest of the world, when its favorite son, Reggae King Bob Marley came home was buried in his place of birth.  Folks with an interest in reggae music that disembark at Falmouth port will have enough time to visit the birth and final resting place of the Reggae Legend. This excursion takes you through the some very rustic communities through, offering visitors a first-hand view of rural living in Jamaica.

Should I exchange my USD, CAN or Sterling to the local Jamaican Dollar JMD?
While is it’s great to spend local currency which is certainly part of the local experience, it is not necessary to exchange your currency. US / CA $ and pound sterling are widely accepted on the island and business is transacted using them daily; the rates are set daily by the Bank of Jamaica, which is a “guide” for FX dealers, such as Cambios, who will add their margins.Having US$ sure makes business transactions easier, so you will notice that almost all excursions, tours, goods and services is quoted in USD$.  The current exchange rate is 1USD: _115.00JMD.

The best waterfall waterfalls for cruise passengers (shore excursions)
You cannot visit Jamaica and not visit the Dunn’s River Falls and the Blue Hole. Easily accessible from the port of Falmouth, you will be whisked away as soon as you have disembarked…so be ready to be amazed!  Dunn’s River Falls is Jamaica’s best known tourist attraction. It is a majestic body of water which cascade down the wonderfully formed limestone rocks.  This is a unique waterfall, which begins in the warm Caribbean Sea, climbing up 600 feet of falls…now that’s adventure!!! . if you are not up to this adventure, you can enjoy the beach and while you watch the more adventurous climb the falls.
Blue Hole Excursion:
Blue-Hole excursion is a beautiful naturally formed river pool. It offers a great experience for the young and young at heart; the ultimate shore excursions with rope-swinging and diving from the falls, is surely an excursion to enjoy.  Also, the facilitators will go the extra mile to ensure you fully enjoy the facility with no limitations on your good time!!…Blue Hole is about 25 minutes from Dunn’s River Falls, and is worth the 25 additional minutes’ drive.

MBJ Transportation to Holiday Inn

Airport Transportation to Holiday Inn Montego Bay


The Holiday Inn Rose Hall is one the firm pillars that Jamaica tourism was built on. Situated in the just few miles east of the airport which makes it super accessible. Best Jamaica the number one Tour Company on the island offers private airport transfers to the Holiday Inn like none other, not only do they have the best rates, they have the best staff and of course the best vehicles.

Some travel agency will include transportation into an airline ticket. On the face of it that is super because one doesn’t want to be worried about finding a ride for additional money. Many people feel safer if the responsibility is on others to find them suitable transportation rather than them finding it personally. Airline tickets that include ground transportation will be more than likely be on a big shuttle bus that stops at every other resorts before getting to yours. There is no personal touch and waiting could be a little overbearing since other travelers may lack pace and purposefulness which could make a calm soul becomes irate.

However, that will not be the story if you book private taxi service to the Holiday Inn Montego Bay. You will be met by a representative who will then summon your driver from the holding area. Within a few short minutes you will seated comfortable in your own modern, private vehicle that is spacious and fully air-conditioned and off the Holiday Inn.

Vacation time are special and hard earn, for most part many folks may just have two weeks in the year to travel and so getting the most out of your Jamaica time is essential. I believe that your vacation starts with at the airport and so you would be better off booking with a company whose aim is to always to please from the start.

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MBJ Transportation to Hilton Rose Hall

Montego Bay Airport Transportation to Hilton Rose Hall

Hilton Rose Hall, one of the premier destinations in Montego Bay is just 15 minutes ride from the airport. This beach front property is situated on a beautifully landscaped grounds, with a 400-acre, 18-hole golf course.

Best Jamaica offers top quality private airport transfer to Hilton Rose Hall. Your service is guaranteed to be worry-free; you should know that once you book and confirm we will hold up our end of the deal regardless of the circumstances. The hotel at which you will stay was built in the 1970s by John Rollins the famous American entrepreneur. The resort has changed hands since then. It was first operated under the American InterContinental brand and then as Wyndham property.

Considering that you will have the opportunity to partake in what history has preserved so well, we know that you will also want to preserve your vacation memories. By no means do we want you to have even a second of uncertainty. Let us provide safe, friendly and comfortable private transportation while you are in Jamaica. Best Jamaica provides first class private transfers to and from Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa.

As soon as you settle in at the Hilton, you may contact us to book your private tour to a venue of your choice. Similarly, you will have access to low prices for tours as you have received for your transfer.

Our rates are unmatched by our competitors; we don’t just offer seats; we offer prime service, the type that will justify your confidence in us. Booking with us will entitle you to our agent creating a fantastic Jamaica excursion that will have you creating unforgettable memories that will be the envy of your friends and family at home. Book today and be treated like royalty by every member of our team. We will be awaiting your arrival and be ready to anoint you with intense vacation pleasures.

Q: How far away is Ocho Rios from the Hilton Rose Hall?
A: The resort town of Ocho Rios, home to the Secret Falls and Dunn’s River Falls is about 90 minutes driving from the Hilton Rose Hall.

Q: What is the average water temperature in Montego Bay?
A: Jamaica is situated in the Caribbean Sea which is a beautiful warm body of water with average temperature between 81 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit; it is adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and South East of the Gulf of Mexico.

Q: How far away is Negril from the Hilton Rose Hall?
A: Negril is another of Jamaica’s resort town situated west of the island. The small town boasts a Seven (7) Mile White Sandy Beach,and is home to a famous bar called Rick’s Café known for cliff diving and beautiful sun sets.

Q: Is USD accepted in Jamaica or should we exchange to the local currency?
A: Sure do, While the Jamaican currency is the legal tender, the USD is widely used and accepted so it best to keep your money in US dollars.

Q: Do you offer Private Tour?
A: Yes, we sure do.