About Us

Our Story

The Fiber of Best Jamaica Travels is Top Quality Service which is what made us into a household name. The island of Jamaica is a beautiful treasure that locals and guests are delighted to enjoy. Best Jamaica Travels is a premier transportation company based in Montego Bay, Jamaica and a great avenue to see and enjoy the island. Since our foray into the Jamaican Tourism sector, our aim is always to be the Most Guest-Centric Transportation Company on the island. We appreciate, fulfilled and satisfy the unique travel, fun and adventure needs as well as the desires of all International Guests.

Our core business is delivering the best service helping visitors to wonderful Jamaica Experiences.  To guarantee the delivery of our promise, we only offer Private Transportation Service and Tours. This gives us the opportunity of customizing our service to suit our guests’ needs. It also helps us to live out our Core Value of being the Guardian of Your Satisfaction.

Cancellation Policy.

At Best Jamaica we are all about our Valued Customers or potential Customers always building trust and lasting friendships.  This is evident in our Cancellation Policy which is the most customer friendly service without prejudice or punishment. Paying for service with Best Jamaica is easy: payment options include cash after service, credit card payment at the airport and prepaying via PayPal. Since prepaying is not mandatory customers are always in control over their money. However, we will disburse a full refund in the event that your reservation is cancelled for any reason.  The only requirement is to cancel in advance of service before the vehicle has been dispatched to commence your service.

Safety and Covid-19.

Safety is one of our biggest priorities and so our drivers are trained in defensive driving. We also offer free child seat in order to keep our young ones as safe as possible.  During these days, the travel industry has taken a hit from the Coronavirus and properly sanitized vehicles are essential. Best Jamaica is a leader in this area based on our new safety protocols.  Before each service, our vehicles are sanitized with an EPA approved Hospital Grade disinfectant which is applied by Electrostatic Sprayer making every area of every surface fully sanitized to eliminate any possible pathogen.

Let us share our Jamaica with you. Your private driver is also a trained tour guide who is only too willing to share his or her Jamaica with you. Best Jamaica Travels offers the Best Value for Money which most times our Private Transportation Service cost less than what others offered for Shared Service.

Our Mission.

To offer the absolute best through custom, innovative and quality trip experiences of favored attractions, local treasures and hidden wonders by sharing our unsurpassed knowledge, unrivaled expertise, and contagious enthusiasm in the warmest and most respectful way to grow lasting relationships with everyone we serve.

Stevert McKenzie, Founder and General Manager.