Best Tours to Do in Jamaica

Jamaica is the quintessential tourist destination in Caribbean hands down. There are many things for visitors to do as it relates to Tours and Excursions. Best Jamaica is the number one Tour Company on the island and offers top quality tours and excursions to top sites as well as your favorite attractions.

If Jamaica has been on your bucket list and you will be visiting soon, then you need to have another bucket list of the things to do while you are in Jamaica. This beautiful island is loaded with some of the most exquisite things to do, especially being the largest English speaking Caribbean nation. The country boast approximately one hundred and twenty rivers, and is home to some of the best water falls in the Caribbean.

For an intriguing day on the island, the Dunn’s River Falls is certainly a must do; you should join the millions who have joined hands to climb the gigantic waterfalls and feel the rush of adrenalin as they look back to see the path they have taken. The Dunn’s River Falls is by far the most popular tourist attraction in the Caribbean and is located in the resort town of Ocho Rios on the northern coastal area of Jamaica.  It is majestic, grandiose, impressive and safe for children.

Without competing with this great water fall, less than thirty minutes’ drive away is the Blue Hole Secret Falls which is the new phenomena. According to most people who have visited the major waterfalls here on the island, the Blue Hole is their favorite. The feature of this attraction differs in some ways from the Dunn’s River. In addition to falls climbing, there is rope swinging, cave exploration and cliff jumping. Sounds like a great adventure, doesn’t it? Well it most definitely is!!

Gastronomy is another great area for experiencing the Jamaican culture, but with so much going on otherwise it has not been on the forefront. Jamaica is known for its jerk chicken and pork, several jerk pits can be found along some of the major roadways allowing ease of access to the appetizing meats. For beverages, Jamaican Rums are a favorite worldwide, and so is the Blue Mountain Coffee which incidentally is one of the most expensive in the world. For even more eats, Jamaican Patties are now a household name and rake in raving reviews by almost all who have had them. The key to having a great Jamaican patty is to try them fresh out of the oven at one of the many bakeries who bake them on site. I’m sorry to disappoint you but the patties at the resort are just not the same and for most part borderline horrible.

For a taste of rich music and culture, the Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour is to be considered; though seen as an off the beaten path tour, the trek into the woods does not disappoint.  Although this tour is popular the road for most part is narrow and winding despite the frequent traverse by both small and big buses.  It is about an hour drive up through the hills of some rustic and somewhat remote communities giving a more robust overview of what rural Jamaica is really like.

Another great highlight of Jamaica is the Negril Beach and Sunset Tour– this adventure is sure to enhance your Jamaica vacation experience. Negril is a small resort town and is famous for its Seven Mile Beach and rightly so. While most major resorts sit on a private beach, the Seven Mile Beach is Negril is the best that Jamaica has to offer.  Consequently, investing in a day tour to Negril which typically ends at Rick’s Café for some cliff diving, live music and cocktails is one of the must do activities in Jamaica- it’s a promise that you will never regret it.

The Southern Coastal area of Jamaica is lesser known than the northern side. However, it has its own uniqueness and boasts a more rustic experience of the island. Nevertheless, these types of excursions do stack up with those offered on the north coast. As previously stated, Jamaica is known for its rum –  perhaps the most famous brand is the Appleton Rum. The factory where this exotic brand of alcoholic beverages are blended is located one the southern coast of Jamaica, and the facility offers a detailed tour of the property, shares the rich history and  provides samples at the end.

In boasting its bounty of water bodies, there is the YS Waterfalls, also located on the South Coast and can match any of the others around the island. It is a seven tier waterfalls in the middle of working animal farm.  The area that is designated for this activity is well landscaped and lawns are professionally manicured. To experience an off the beaten path adventure, the South Coast is the place of choice.

Floyd Pelican Bar is another big hit and it is also located on the south coast of Jamaica. It is the only Sea Bar in the region, and makes for an interesting visit. Situated on sand dunes about a half a mile out into the Caribbean Sea, it could surely enhance your trip to south shore of Jamaica and is very well worth the trip to wander away from your resort. The waters that surrounds this rustic wooden bar is quite shallow and is great for snorkeling.

There you have it- so many options to experience the best of Jamaica; there is definitely something for very visitor regardless of your personality type or special interest. The beautiful island of Jamaica can cater to every unique and specific needs, desires and liking.