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Tours from Montego Bay Cruise Port
Best Excursions from Montego Bay Cruise Port is what we do best. If you will be on a cruise to Montego bay, please let us know. Our private tour service is just right for you.

Montego Bay Jamaica more than just a resort town. It is more than just another Caribbean Tourist Destination. Montego Bay Jamaica is the epitome of Caribbean Travel which is also dubbed the complete Tourist Destination.

Boasting a modern International Airport and a Cruise ship port, it is the gateway of Jamaica welcoming over two million visitors each year. Best Jamaica the eminent Tour Company on the island offers top quality private excursions from the Montego Bay Cruise Port at the best rates.

Don’t leave up your day on the island to chances, minimized your risk of not having a great time by choosing the best Tour Company on the island.

The Montego Bay Cruise Port is a great location for many reasons. To start is a sheltered port which means that the dock is protected from high waves. This is very important because for more times than not, even if the waves are tumultuous your ship will be able to still dock in Montego Bay.

Another positive for the Montego Bay Cruise port is that it is centrally located to many activities on the island. Ocho Rios home of the famous Dunn’s River Falls and Blue Hole is just a ninety-minute ride east along the A1 northern coastal highway. Negril is a mere sixty-minute drive west and is home to the best beaches on the island as well as Rick’s Café famous for cliff diving.

Jamaica is more than just beach and sun, and so we are inviting you to come let us share our Jamaica with you. We have warmest of hearts, the best coffee, the best rums, the most sort after Caribbean Cuisine and one cannot forget the beauty and splendor of the island.

Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour

As the best Tour Company in Jamaica, one of our day trip planners would be only too happy to help you planned and execute a great day here on the island. The tours and excursions are many which are all beckoning to you.  It doesn’t matter your interest, don’t hesitate to let us know and we will help you with some suggestions. Whether horseback ride and swim, zip line, city tour, river tubing, beach, shopping and just a simple highlight tour, Best Jamaica is your trusted partner.

Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour:

The meet the most influential legend of all time you must visit the birth and final resting place of Bob Marley. He is by far the most famous personality out of Jamaica. Deemed the King of Reggae Icon, Bob lived a short and impactful 36 years; though short, his music is loved by billions and has spread across the globe. Bob Marley came from a small rural community called Nine Mile which incidentally is final resting place. Best Jamaica, the number Tour Company in Jamaica offers private tours to his Mausoleum in Nine Miles. The tour is guided and informative giving access and insight of the “King’s” humble beginnings.

Dunns River Falls 1

Dunn’s River Falls:
Private Excursions from the Carnival Cruise in Montego Bay to Dunn’s River Falls is one of the forte of Best Jamaica. We offer great rates, leaving no possible reason for not indulging in this exciting tour and giving Best Jamaica the task of showing you a fantastic time in Paradise. Our superb service is delivered from the moment we meet you at the Montego Bay Cruise Port and ends only after a great day and returning on the inside of the port. Our drivers are courteous, amiable and only too willing to share their country with you. A day with Best Jamaica to the Dunn’s River is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Blue Hole4
Martha Brae Falmouth
River Tubing

Blue Hole Secret Falls Carnival Cruise:
A top seller Excursion is to Blue Hole from the Carnival Cruise; this is no ordinary waterfalls and if you are up to a little adrenalin rush, then Blue Hole is definitely for you. The thrilling activities at the Blue Hole Secret Falls includes Rope Swings, Jumps, dive, swim and even a little cave exploration. Best Jamaica offer this tour to cruisers from the Carnival Cruise Line in Montego Bay as well.

Rafting on the Martha Brae Excursion:

Martha Brae Rafting excursions from the Montego Bay Cruise Port is an all-time favorite to romantic couples and families who seek a more serene activity. Best Jamaica, the most guest-centric Tour Company on the island offers private tours to passengers from Carnival Cruise in Montego Bay. The tour will take us through the city of Montego Bay going east towards the historic town of Falmouth. The drive is about an hour from the cruise port in Montego Bay which you will enjoy with one of our friendly, knowledgeable and courteous driver.

River Tubing and Blue Hole from Montego Bay Cruise Port:
Don’t allow your time in Jamaica to be just like another day in the job. Jamaica is a fun place with many offering just awaiting you. One such offer is the “Double Splash” SPECIAL, this includes River Tubing on the White River, and water frolicking at the Blue Hole Secret Fall. These two excursions are offered from the Montego Bay Cruise Port. Best Jamaica provides this awesome private excursion to

Negril Jamaica 3

Negril Beach Excursion from Cruise Port in Montego Bay:
Negril is one of the coveted Resort Town in Jamaica that popular with  visitors who vacation there or visit on a day trip. By popular demand, Best Jamaica now offers a day tour from the Montego Bay Cruise Port to Negril. Negril is famous for its Seven Mile Beach, Cliff Diving and Gorgeous Sunsets. However, because of time constrain of your ship schedule, we will not be able to stay for the sunset but the Seven Mile Beach and Cliff Diving at Rick’s Café will certainly worth your while.

Appleton Estate

Appleton Estate Rum Tour:
Visiting a Rum Factory is quite an interesting experience, and the Appleton Rum Factory offers this intrigue. Best Jamaica now offers Tour to the Appleton Estate Rum Factory from Montego Bay Cruise Port. If you are arriving on a cruise to the Montego Bay Cruise Port and looking for excursions, Best Jamaica is your answer.  Whether you are arriving on MSC, Carnival, Holland America or any other, Best Jamaica is the ultimate choice for having a private tour that is customized to suit your interest and personality.


Horse Back Ride and Swim:
It’s undoubtedly one of those thrillers that one must experience in their lifetime. Horseback Riding is undeniably a dream of many; just having a chance to get on a horse and just take it for a ride. That dream is entirely possible when you are in Jamaica. On this island, we take it even a bit further by allowing folks to take the horse for swim. Best Jamaica, the eminent Tour Company on the island offers horseback ride and swim excursions from the Montego Bay Cruise Port. This excursion could be twined with either the Blue Hole Secret Falls, Negril Beach Excursions, Martha Brae Rafting.