The Blue Hole Secret Falls

The Blue Hole Secret Falls is still a phenomenon on the Jamaica scene. Surely, there are numerous waterfalls that flow on the island that have been featured in many travel magazines. These publications have aided in signifying Jamaica as a top Caribbean destination.

Before the Blue Hole gained such astounding popularity, the more renowned falls were: Reach Falls, YS Falls, Somerset Falls and the ever popular Dunn’s River Falls. These water pleasures still exist and manage to attract their fair share of visitors; they are the major falls, and there are many others that haven’t seen the light of day as yet because of the remoteness.

Nevertheless, the Blue Hole in Ocho Rios is a fantastic water-fall. It embodies almost all that one could wish for in natural resource of this nature. It has shallow areas, deep pools and rich deep blue color that is obvious due to the presence of the lime stones.

The Secret Falls affords water frolickers the opportunity to swing, dive, jump, swim and explore the hidden cave.  This wonder of nature is nestled in the rustic community of Tatch Hill St. Ann; just a twenty short minutes out of Ocho Rios, the trip to the Blue Hole is definitely worth it. The lush green surrounding is surreal; it can be described as nature’s gift to mankind.

Best Jamaica, the most guest-centered Tour Company on the island provides private tours to this dreamlike attraction; we know how to add a unique flavor to make the day tour experience memorable and an adventure that you will tell to everyone you meet. Check out our websites to view the stunning pictures and read the excellent reviews on Trip Advisor. You can’t afford to miss out on this awesome experience. Call us to book your private tour.

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Traveling to Jamaica on a cruise is the ultimate experience; regardless of which of the three major cruise ports you arrive at there is always adventure at your finger tips. From east to west there is the Ocho Rios Port; about an hour apart is the Falmouth Port and approximately forty-five minutes away is the Montego Bay Port. Cruising in the Caribbean doesn’t get better than to Jamaica.

If you can imagine the ideal Cruise Port as it concerns adventures within close proximity the Ocho Rios Pier must come to mind; Ocho Rios is one of the most envied resort town as it relates to shore excursions in the Caribbean. Situated on the northern coast of Jamaica, Ocho Rios has something for everyone; the town is a true testament to its name “Ocho Rios” which means “Eight Rivers” in Spanish. Located in the Parish of St. Ann which is dubbed the Garden Parish, Ocho Rios is blessed with an abundance of fresh water spouts, lush rolling mountains adorned with multi flora, majestic waterfalls and beautiful beaches.

Additionally, the Ocho Rios Cruise Port welcomes many cruise lines each week; a testament to being ideal for great experiences for international visitors. For guests who want to indulge in a variety of excursions and adventures, Ocho Rios is perfect; shore excursions such as the Blue Hole Secret Falls, Dunn’s River Falls, Bobsleding on a rail, Zipline, Horse-back riding, Bob Marley Nine Mile are just a few that can be done easily.

The close proximity of some of these excursion sites to the Ocho Rios Cruise Port offer the opportunity of combining many of these excursions to create your best day on a cruise to the beautiful island of Jamaica. For water activities, the Dunn’s River Falls is just about 5 minutes’ drive from the Ocho Rios Port, it is Jamaica’s premier tourist attractions. One drawback though is the fact that it could be crowded on a cruise ship day if there are 3 or more cruise ships on the island at once. Not to worry, there is an alternative which is probable better, especially for the variety it offers. The Secret Falls in Ocho Rios is reported by visitors to be a much better experience by far when compared to the Dunn’s River Falls adventure.

The difference between these two falls is quite obvious to the naked eye. No one can argue successfully that the Dunn’s River Falls is not majestic, beautiful and that it is great for fun seekers; with the main activities being climbing the falls and dipping in non-treating small natural pools. On one hand, the Dunn’s River boasts the most famous natural attraction in Jamaica that sees thousands of thrill seekers daily. The grounds are immaculately kept while there are well organized parking areas.

In the other hand, the Blue Hole has a different level of wonder. The property is more rustic in nature, the water body is a deep blue, picturesque and offers a variety of activities. The Secret Falls Ocho Rios is a one of a kind of natural attractions offering rope swings, diving, swimming, cave exploration and more. It is usually less crowed than the Dunn’s River and is just a few minutes’ drive from the Cruise Port in Ocho Rios. Talk about variety; horseback ride and swim is another great option. There are quite a few places that offers this fantastic activity and it makes a great combination with the Blue Hole Secret Falls for a fun packed day.

Traveling further to the western region of Jamaica is the town of Falmouth. The town is small and not the most ideal for Day Tours and private excursions; yet, its ideal location make accessibility to exciting places an easy feat. Visitors arriving at the Falmouth Port can also enjoy all the activities in Ocho Rios. Situated just 1 hour away, there is definitely more than enough time to get indulge in some of the best activities in Jamaica. Another option for visitors arriving at the Falmouth Port is spending the day in Montego Bay the tourism capital of Jamaica.

Though a little farther west, the Montego Bay Port offers great opportunities for adventures. Visitors arriving at the Montego Bay Cruise Port have no issues enjoying the attractions in Ocho Rios. Travelling by motor vehicle, it is only an hour and a half away from Ocho Rios; again there is ample time to get quite a bit done without risk of having a time crunch including adventures at the Blue Hole and Dunn’s River Falls. Cruising in the Caribbean is an awesome wonder; the memories that will be created during a cruise to Jamaica will be unforgettable regardless of the port you disembark. Jamaica is a splendid vacation destination hands down.

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Blue Hole Secret Falls

Talk about “off the beaten path”. The Blue Hole Secret Falls in Jamaica certainly fits that frame. Situated in the quiet rustic rural community of Thatch Hill in St. Ann, the Secret Falls is a natural phenomena that is sheer beauty, splendor and affords excitement and a bit of an Adrenalin rush.

It is called Secret Falls because of its location; which is mostly unknown to many. However that is rapidly changing as it is becoming the new wonder of Jamaica with hundreds of visitors enjoy every day. Best Jamaica shares this secret with as many guests as possible that will indulge in the adventure of the majesty of the Secret Falls.

The Blue Hole Secret Falls is relatively easy to access; it is just a short 20 minute drive from the resort town of Ocho Rios. If you are staying on the North Coast or visiting Jamaica on a cruise, this water activity is one of the must-dos.

Best Jamaica, the most guest-centered Tour Company on the island offers private tour to the Blue Hole and more. Let us help you create your best day on the island.

The Blue Hole Secret Falls could be combined with another activity such as the Dunn’s River, horse-back ride and swim, river tubing, Mystic Mountain: home of bobsledding on a rail and canopy. By combining your day tour activities you save time and money; a combo which accentuates one of our ideals; “The Guardian of your Satisfaction”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far away from the Montego Bay is the Blue Hole?
A: The Blue Hole is about a 90 minutes drive from Montego Bay. The drive is scenic and the roads are good; takes you through urban to rural communities giving you a true prospective on the island.

Q: What do we need to bring on a tour to the Blue Hole?
A: Towels, cash, swim-wear, camera and water shoes which can be bought or rented at the location.

Q: What time does tours to The Blue Hole start?
A: We offer only private tours so starting time really depends on you. However, we recommend a start time from Montego at 9:00 AM and Runaway Bay at 10:00 AM.

Q: How much is the admission?
A: The admission at the Blue Hole is $10 per person. This comes with a guide who will take you on the memorable trip.