Airport Taxi Excellence Oyster Bay

Airport Taxi To Excellence Oyster Bay

Thoroughly Sanitized Against COVID – 19: At Best Jamaica all our vehicles Electrostatically Sprayed before use with an EPA approved disinfectant.

Private Shuttle To Excellence Oyster Bay

  • Private Airport Shuttle- Excellence Oyster Bay.
  • Best Airport Taxi Rate: $50 Private Car Service.
  • Best Shuttle Rate/Excellence Oyster Bay (5-9 Pax $12) one-way.
  • Distance: MBJ to Excellence Oyster Bay (22 miles/35km).
  • Duration: 35 minutes.
  • Traffic Condition: Expect free flowing traffic unless there is an anomaly along the A1 roadway.
  • Payment: Cash, Credit Card or PayPal.
  • No Deposit Required.
  • Private Shuttle Service

Private Airport Transportation to Excellence Oyster Bay by Best Jamaica is the best way to get your vacation off to great start. Best Jamaica offers worry-free private airport taxi service to Excellence Oyster Bay which has become the envy on the local scene.

We have managed to combined high quality taxi service and low rates in one deal which is to the delight of our customers. This combination is hard to find elsewhere which is no wonder why we are known as the BEST.

The Excellence Oyster Bay located close to the historic town of Falmouth is one of the newest hotels on the island. It is in close proximity to the Royalton White Sands Beach Hotel as well as the Royalton Blue Waters. It sits just outside of the Luminous Lagoon which is accessible by boats. We have had reports that a section of the water which is on the hotel property does glow, albeit may not as brightly laminated as other parts of the lagoon.

MBJ Airport Taxi Rates

Best Jamaica operates a modern fleet of vehicles which are all spacious and fully air-conditioned. Our drivers are all trained in customer service as well as defensive driving as part of your strident effort to offer the great customer experience. The drive from the airport is about thirty-five minutes on the A1 Northern Coastal Highway. It is a beautiful driver getting there, the road surface is smooth and views are great as the roadway hugs the shoreline. Private Shuttle Service