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Airport Transportation to Holiday Inn Montego Bay


The Holiday Inn Rose Hall is one the firm pillars that Jamaica tourism was built on. Situated in the just few miles east of the airport which makes it super accessible. Best Jamaica the number one Tour Company on the island offers private airport transfers to the Holiday Inn like none other, not only do they have the best rates, they have the best staff and of course the best vehicles.

Some travel agency will include transportation into an airline ticket. On the face of it that is super because one doesn’t want to be worried about finding a ride for additional money. Many people feel safer if the responsibility is on others to find them suitable transportation rather than them finding it personally. Airline tickets that include ground transportation will be more than likely be on a big shuttle bus that stops at every other resorts before getting to yours. There is no personal touch and waiting could be a little overbearing since other travelers may lack pace and purposefulness which could make a calm soul becomes irate.

However, that will not be the story if you book private taxi service to the Holiday Inn Montego Bay. You will be met by a representative who will then summon your driver from the holding area. Within a few short minutes you will seated comfortable in your own modern, private vehicle that is spacious and fully air-conditioned and off the Holiday Inn.

Vacation time are special and hard earn, for most part many folks may just have two weeks in the year to travel and so getting the most out of your Jamaica time is essential. I believe that your vacation starts with at the airport and so you would be better off booking with a company whose aim is to always to please from the start.

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Airport Transfer Holiday Inn Montego Bay.

Airport Transfer to Holiday Inn, Montego Bay

Holiday Inn Montego Bay is just a 15 minutes drive from the airport in Montego Bay. However, one cannot marginalize the importance of getting to your resort in a timely and exclusive fashion. Best Jamaica understands the importance of starting a vacation well; ground transportation normally sets the tone for the rest of the journey. This is why we place such great emphasis on a strategy that gets your vacation off to a great start. Our solution is to provide on time, worry free private transfer from the Montego Bay Airport to the Holiday Inn Resort in Montego Bay.

In recent times, we have seen an increase in visitors rejecting shared transportation opting for private instead. Considering that Best Jamaica’s rates are so competitively priced, after conducting their research many guests choose the better alternative – private airport transfer from Best Jamaica. Their reasoning is that the distance to Holiday Inn is too short to wait for sometimes over an hour to finally get to the resort. All this is after an already long and arduous air travel experience. They would rather get settled in at their resort as quickly as is possible.

Best Jamaica is proud to be a signatory of top quality airport transfer to the Holiday Inn; one that will not break the bank. Our name says it all and we hold ourselves accountable to live up to the idea of being the BEST.

Private airport transfer to the Holiday Inn Montego Bay is what we do best. Our rates are the lowest on the market, and the service is exceptionally high.  Best Jamaica also offers private tours from the Holiday Inn Montego Bay, which supersedes the others in quality and priced when compared with shared big bus tours.

Private Airport Transfer Holiday Inn Montego Bay

Airport transfers to the Holiday Inn Montego Bay have now gotten better and more affordable, thanks to Best Jamaica, the premier airport transfer provider in Montego Bay. We have cut the cost of almost everything, except the standards, it is no wonder we are the BEST.

Our private airport transfer to the Holiday Inn is provided at a reduced priced, yet we have managed to improve the standards. Survey says that we are the epitome of “HiLo”, which connotes low priced backed by high quality.

Holiday Inn is a great family hotel where kids are adored and well accommodated. Best Jamaica, the eminent airport transfer provider in Montego Bay compliments the family friendliness of the Holiday Inn Resort. In addition to catering to the needs of our adult guests, Best Jamaica’s operation caters to our young guests as well providing complimentary child seats for the youngsters’ keeping them safe. In addition to comfort and safety, we give consideration to quality too; for that reason our team members are trained to provide excellent service. Drivers are trained defensive driving also to ensure that quality is maintained on all fronts.

In addition to providing top quality airport transfer service to the Holiday Inn; we are also an excellent tour provider. Your tours are customized to your suit your interests, needs and desires. Best Jamaica is your one stop shop for all your private transportation needs while in Jamaica especially since we take the position of: “guardian of your satisfaction. You cannot afford not to have the guarantee of such surety and security. Continue reading