Tours in Jamaica

The type of visit to Jamaica will certainly influence the kind of excursions that one will do. Also the resort town may also influence the type of tours. This is so because Jamaica is quite big for an island and crisscrossing the island may take more time than anticipated. Visitors arriving via cruise ship have a time constrain to contend with and so not all tours and excursions can be enjoyed fully.

However, the great thing is that one can planned the tours in Jamaica even before arriving. Each resort town has something to do, however getting the relevant information before arriving is paramount to getting the best out of your Jamaica vacation.

The resort town of Negril do have the ever famous Rick’s Café, which is a bar perch of a cliff. Folks normally do cliff diving there and it also a fantastic place to watch the sun sets.

Montego Bay is centrally located and is a great place to stay if you are interested in the besttours in Jamaica . It is only an hour from Negril, hour and a half from Ocho Rios and an hour and half as well from the Southern Coast of Jamaica.

Ocho Rios is loaded with the best excursions in Jamaica . There is the Dunn’s River Falls, Blue Hole Secret Falls, Zipline, River Tubing, Bobsled and Horseback ride and swim just to name a few.

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