Airport Transfer to Secrets Wild Orchid

MBJ Airport Taxi to Secrets Wild Orchid

The best Private Airport taxi to Secrets Wild Orchid is Best Jamaica; that’s no secret. The BEST is what you deserve, and Best Jamaica will guarantee that your vacation will get off to and great start and end smoothly too. The Best Jamaica team takes your vacation time seriously, so we are deliberate in our service delivery to ensure that your memories of your vacation are precious and unforgettable.

Your travel to the Secrets Wild Orchid will be about 20 minutes after leaving the airport, which means that the resort is super accessible; especially if you prefer to travel shorter distances. Located on a peninsular, the Secrets Wild Orchid is truly a great get a way. If you desire to secure high quality, reliable, on time airport transportation service to the Secrets Wild Orchid, you are on the right page.

Best Jamaica Tours offers that and more. In fact; we have earned a reputation of being the only transportation company in Jamaica to have been offering LOW rates and HIGH quality service since our foray into local transportation industry.

Best Transportation Service to Secret Wild Orchid

There are myriads of airport transportation service to Secrets Resorts in Montego and it could be a bit of a work to comb though all before selecting the best one that fits your need. Considering that you are on the page of the BEST transportation provider in Jamaica, there is no need to look any further. Best Jamaica has the best rates, a motivated staff compliment who value you and your business.

Tours and excursions from Secrets Wild Orchid is another of the services offered by Best Jamaica. Explore the country with the people who “Know Jamaica BEST”. Let us share the local culture with you, take you to hidden treasure as we unleash our unsurpassed knowledge of the island with you.

Best Airport Taxi Rates to Secrets Wild Orchid:

1 up to 4 persons travelling together…. $30 each way.
5 or more persons traveling in a group $7 per person.

Currently we have three payment options to choose from which are as follows.

1: Payment in cash after each transfer to the Secrets Wild Orchid
2: Payment in advance via PayPal.
3: Payment via Credit Card upon arrival.

How to book your private airport taxi to Secrets Wild Orchid.

1: Complete the form below and hit the send
2: A confirmation voucher will be email to you.
3: Confirm receipt of your Voucher and indicate that you will be using Best Jamaica

The voucher includes all relevant information including instructions on how to find us at the airport.

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