Appleton Rum Factory Tour

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Pick Up Point1-4 passengers5-9 pax
Montego Bay Hotels$180 (per vehicle)$40 pp
Grand Palladium$200 (per vehicle)$45 pp
Falmouth Hotels$200 (per vehicle)$45 pp

The Appleton Estate is one of Jamaica’s most popular distillery and it produces a variety of flavorful and exotic alcoholic blends which are the favorite of many locals and international guests alike. The location is open for tours which give visitors a firsthand experience of the production process from field to bottle.

Excursions to the Appleton Estate Rum Tour is one of the many adventures offered by Best Jamaica, the number one Tour Company on the island.  Jamaica is one of the more popular tourist destination in the Caribbean receiving approximately 4 million passengers annually.  Jamaica is also loaded with many things to do and experience and the Appleton Estate is certainly one of them.

Located on the South Coast of Jamaica, it is one of the must do item while in Jamaica.  The island of Jamaica has a long history in the rum making business producing rum since 1749. The business of rum making got started in Jamaica in 1703 and in 2019, Jamaica currently produces the widest varieties of rum in the world. In fact, the island has the capacity to produce up to 50 million liters of rum annually. Jamaican rums are presently sold in over 70 countries around the world.

Appleton Estate Rum Tour

The South Shores of Jamaica is grossly unexplored and is considered “off the beaten path”. Best Jamaica the most guest centric Tour Company on the island offers tour to the Appleton Estate. We have a cadre of drivers who are all trained in customer service and defensive driving, and knows the area well to offer and interesting and informative ride from your resort to the Appleton Estate.

Considering the location of the Appleton Estate, is advisable to combine this tour with a visit to another nearby location. The Black River Safari, YS Falls and Floyd’s Pelican Bar are all great options for a possible combo tour.

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