MBJ Transportation to Secrets St. James

MBJ Transportation to Secrets St. James

Secret St. James is one of the Jamaica’s exquisite hotels and is located in the resort town of Montego Bay. Situated on a peninsular in the vicinity of Freeport, travelling to this tucked away paradise is easy. Best Jamaica, the eminent Tour Company in Jamaica offers uncompromising private airport transportation to the Secrets St. James.

The Secrets St. James resort offers the ultimate Caribbean vacation; many guests immensely enjoy the seclusion and privacy offered by its location. While many travel packages are sold with round trip transportation from the airport and back, not every traveler will have access to this offer. Consequently, many visitors will need to book their transportation from MBJ to Secrets St. James independently.

Securing high quality Montego Bay Private Airport Transfer is as easy as 123. Best Jamaica is only one click away. While shared shuttle service from the airport to the St. James may an option, it surely is not the best. It could be that vacationer waste precious time of a well-planned and much anticipated vacation. Waiting around is by no means part of the vacation plan. Many times shared transportation service requires almost a full bus before they get going. It means that it may not get going immediately which could be upsetting especially after already long and exhilarating day traveling by air. Then there is the possible of heavy vehicular traffic that will certainly infuriate the calmest of souls.

The journey from the Montego Bay Airport to Secret , without heavy vehicular traffic is approximately 15 minutes each way, however with traffic it varies and could be close to half an hour.  As a result, private airport transfer to the Secrets. St. James is the best choice. If you will be travelling to Jamaica and staying at the Secrets St. James, opting for private transportation is your best bet. Best Jamaica offers the highest quality and lowest cost Private Airport Transfer that enhances your overall Jamaica vacation experience. You can’t afford to miss the opportunity to experience the best.

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