Airport Taxi to Hilton Rose Hall

Airport Taxi to Hilton Rose Hall

Transportation from MBJ to Hilton Rose Hall

Located on the 400-acre historic Rose Hall Plantation, the Hilton Rose Hall Resort has an interesting history. Built in 1974 by John Rollins who was an American Millionaire, the resort was initially named: Rose Hall Beach Hotel & Country Club until 1978; then the name was changed to Rose Hall Inter-Continental Hotel & Country Club In 1984, six years later, the resort changed hands and the new name became Wyndham Resort. Despite the changes in the name; the property has always been stunning and makes a great vacation spot. The Hilton Rose Hall in all its splendor has helped to shaped the Montego Bay tourism landscape and played a great part to propel Montego Bay into a major resort town in the Caribbean.

This exquisite resort serves many purposes; it attracts business people, couples, singles and family alike. The design of the property at Rose Hall makes it perfect for all its guests; it boasts a water park which includes a lazy river; quite a big hit with the youngsters. Especially for the palate, the resort houses seven (7) elegant restaurants, bars and grills. The Hilton Rose Hall sits on a humongous beach front property that also has its own golf course, called Cinnamon Hill.

The perfect way to get to the Hilton Rose Hall Resort is by private airport transfer; it is certainly to best way to go because a vacationer would want to get their vacation started immediately after arriving in Jamaica. The journey is too short to wait on an airport shuttle bus to get filled before one gets going. The hotel is literally 15 minutes from the airport in Montego Bay, so a private taxi service will definitely come in handy.

In general, the check in time at the Hilton Rose Hall is 4 PM. However, if rooms are ready guests will be assigned to their rooms immediately upon arrival. If for some reason the rooms are inaccessible then all the amenities will be available including food and drinks until you are checked in.

While staying at the Hilton Rose Hall it is imperative that one indulge in a Private Tours ; this is certainly something to consider. Jamaica has an interesting history and beautiful landscapes that must be explored during a visit. The island is blessed with an abundance of natural resources which includes a plethora of majestic water-falls, rivers and other water bodies. Being in close proximity to the town of Montego Bay; the Hilton Rose Hall is easy access to some of the better attractions on the island.

East of your resort is the town of Ocho Rios; the home of Dunn’s River Falls Jamaica’s premier tourist destination which is just 90 minutes away. In this glorious town you will find the popular Secret Falls which is the fastest growing attractions in Jamaica as it relates to popularity. The Dunn’s River Falls is a more established attraction and so it enjoys the lion share of the market. Nevertheless, the Blue Hole Secret Falls has its own history of seeing thousands of visitors each year, and receives raving reviews about the quality of the adventure it offers.

Travelling further west of the Hilton Rose Hall is the town of Negril; dubbed the ”Capital of Casual” lying only 80 minutes from the Hilton Rose Hall. Your visit to Negril will be an unforgettable experience; the famous Seven Mile Beach is one of the town’s boast; Rick’s Café, the famous venue for Cliff Jumping, Live Music and viewing sunsets that are to die for. Dining in Negril is also a great activity as there are restaurants of various types from which one can choose. The intimacy of the town of Negril will make you compelled to stay; you will struggle with the idea of returning from whence you came.

Your stay at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort promises to be quite an experience both on and off the property; after all you are in Jamaica and when you are there, there is absolutely No Problem Mon. Come to Jamaica and Feel Alright. The Hilton Rose Hall Resort awaits you.

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  1. The Hilton Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica is located on a 400-acre historic plantation; its splendor has helped to shape the Jamaican hospitality scene. The resort was built in 1974 by an American millionaire whose name was John Rollins. Over the years, the property has been bought and sold, and the name changed in keeping with the vision of the owners.

    The history of the Hilton Rose Hall is extensive; when it was built in 1974, the resort was called Rose Hall Beach Hotel & Country Club. By 1978, the new name became, Inter-Continental until 1984 when it changed name and hands once more and was then called Wyndham Resort. As it is known today, the Hilton Rose Hall is a recognizable brand that has never missed the mark of being rated as one of the better resorts in Montego Bay.

    Situated just 15 minutes east of the airport, getting to this stunningly beautiful resort is easy. There are several tour companies that provide top quality private airport transfer to the Hilton Rose Hall. Suited for almost any type of traveler; it is favorite for business travelers who are able to redeem their Hilton Hotel points. Families will find comfort and fun when they stay at the Hilton Rose Hall; the water-park is one amenity that keeps the young ones really happy.

    If you are a lover of great food, then your palate is in for a treat. At the Hilton, you have choices from the seven (7) elegant restaurants, bars and grills. In addition to the food is the fun on the humongous beach front property that also has its own golf course, called Cinnamon Hill. Your stay at the Hilton Rose Hall promises to be quite a memorable experience.

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