Airport Transportation Royalton Jamaica

Currently, there are three Royalton properties in Jamaica. Two of them are resident in the historic town of Falmouth which incidentally is also the home of a cruise port that was developed by Cruise Line Royal Caribbean. In the grand scheme of things Falmouth is relatively low-keyed town, yet exquisite in its own right. It is important to note that during the early 1800s, the town of Falmouth had running piped water making it the first town in the Western Hemisphere to accomplish these feat.

By design, all the Royalton hotels are strategically placed. The first of the Royalton chain of hotels was the Royalton White Sand Beach. The property was the home of an older hotel that opened its doors in the early 1970s and was credited to be Jamaica’s first all-inclusive hotel. However, the other properties were newly built; the Royalton Blue Waters and Royalton Negril are the “brainchild” of the Canadian Tour Company: Sunwing.

Evidently, one’s search on the worldwide web for a great choice for a vacation station will definitely lead to one of the Royalton resorts. The chain now has a stake in the local tourism market and fittingly so. One should know that the newest and largest of the three is the one located on the beautiful seven mile beach in Negril. Best Jamaica the most guest centered Tour Company does offer private airport transfer from MBJ to Royalton Negril . The rates are great and the service is excellent.

private airport transfer to Royalton White Sands is about a 35 minutes drive from the Montego Bay Airport. Just beside the White Sand property is its sister the Royalton Blue Waters. They are very close in proximity, yet operated as individual entities. Best Jamaica also offers private airport transfer to Royalton Blue Water at ridiculously low rates.

Royalton White Sand and Blue Waters are located close to the Luminous Lagoon and Rafting on the Martha Brae River. It is also just an hour away from the world famous Dunn’s River Falls which makes it really centrally located.

Royalton Negril on the other hand is well placed on the world famous Seven Mile Beach in Negril. It is just about 20 minutes from the ever popular Rick’s Café, home of cliff diving and beautiful Sunsets.

The Royalton Family of resorts is a must stay for vacationers; undoubtedly it will all be worth it. Book your Private Airport Transfer with Best Jamaica and get your vacation off to a great start.

Private Tours Breathless Montego Bay

Breathless Resort is now part of the Montego Bay landscape; situated on a peninsular on the western end of the popular resort town, Breathless Resort will surely find success on the island. It is strategically placed so accessibility for airport transfer to Breathless Montego Bay is a mere 17 minutes travel time.

The Breathless Resort in Montego Bay is a state of the art resort, surrounded by the Montego Bay Marine Park with tropical lush mountain side in the back drop to the front of the hotel. On the opposite of the hotel are the Montego Bay Yacht Club and a bird eye’s view of the city of Montego Bay lending a perfect island feel to the over-all experience.

The Breathless Resort takes luxury to the next level. Though small, boasting only 150 guest rooms they are state of the art. One of the biggest pull at this resort is the roof top pool bar, which is the only one in Jamaica thus far. It is a party spot for the young and the young at heart and a welcomed addition to the resort city of Montego Bay.

While staying at this beautiful resort; opportunities to know the island are abundant, and certainly is a great way to enhance your vacation experience. Best Jamaica is the most guest-centered transportation provider on the island. We offer top quality Private Tours from Breathless Resort Montego Bay. Our prices are great and service is incredible.

The island of Jamaica has many interesting attractions; during your visit you should definitely explore the island on a private tour provided by Best Jamaica; “We Know Jamaica BEST”. After all, this is the country that gave the world Bob Marley, the reggae music, the fastest man on the track, jerk chicken, beef patties and others.

Some of the more popular tours include water activities at the famous falls in the world: the Dunn’s River Falls which has graced the cover of many travel magazines. The Blue Hole Secret Falls is the new phenomenal which is getting rave reviews as the next big thing in Jamaica.

The resort town of Negril is also another favorite, it boasts a 7 mile long white sand beach; the envy of every township on the island. It is home to Rick Café famous for cliff diving and breathtaking sunsets. Over all, Jamaica is a great place to visit whether you are staying at the Breathless or another one of our beautiful, fun-filled all-inclusive, boutique style or villa resorts. In summary, the beaches are spectacular, the drinks are fine, the food is great and the people are fantastic. You can’t ask for more. Come to Jamaica and feel alright.

Private Airport Transportation

Montego Bay Airport Transfer to Zoetry:

Endless Privileges is the promise from the Zoetry in Montego Bay, a boutique style resort designed for the elegant vacationer. Having booked your accommodation at the Zoetry, we imagine that you have been sold on having an awesome time on the island. For sure, you will need to commence your vacation bliss the moment you land at the Montego Bay Airport and we are the solution to make that possibl

Best Jamaica is the most guest-centred transportation company on the island. Our promise is to ensure that your travels in Jamaica will compliment all your other great experiences. We provide the highest quality, most professional, safe and friendly private airport transfer to the Zoetry, Montego Bay.

Best Jamaica is rated in the top 5 category of transportation provider by Trip Advisor. Being committed to be the guardian of your satisfaction, as an expression of this mission, we design our service to accommodate your special needs and requests. On time, friendly, informative and safety is our hallmark. We know that you have planned this great moment for months and we support your effort by providing worry free service that makes your vacation experience even more special.

Your choice of private airport transfer to the Zoetry, Montego Bay should be Best Jamaica on the basis that we guarantee that your travel experience will be second to none. Imagine arriving in Jamaica after having a possibly long flight; and being whisked away in your comfortable motor vehicle once you exit the airport. The ride to the resort is only ten (10) minutes from the airport, but during that time you will have the opportunity to relax and unwind; any question you have will be addressed by your personable driver.

Your departure date would have come too soon, but you know as much as we do that all good things do come to an end. On the date of your departure from the Zoetry, Montego Bay you will be picked up at the time stated on your voucher and transported safely to the airport for your departure flight. We know that you will miss being in Jamaica and we will miss having you here, but your memories of your experiences and the great service from Best Jamaica will have you planning your next trip before you depart. Book your airport transfer today and enjoy the low rate of US$25 each way and no doubt the high quality service you can’t afford to miss out on.


Airport Taxi Service Montego Bay

Private Airport  Shuttle Service Montego Bay

If you want the best then you should put us to the test. Best Jamaica, just by its name has accepted the challenge to ensure that every guest who encounters our service receives nothing less than the best.

The natural make up of our island is already inviting, so we strive to rise to the occasion at all times to compliment the landscape and beauty of our island. We do this by delivering the highest quality transportation service available on the island.

Best Jamaica prides itself on being the most guest-centred transportation provider on the island. We package quality, fun and professionalism and offer these and more at the lowest price in the industry.

Vacations are special so we ensure that you do not have to break the bank in order to move around on our island. Your trip from the airport to your resort and back on the day you leave should be pleasurable on all fronts; from interfacing with our team members, to being extremely satisfied, to paying for your service.

Jamaica is seemingly the most perfect vacation spot; in speaking with numerous guests they have expressed that in their many travels Jamaica stand out in a special way so much so that they are compelled to make several other visits. For Best Jamaica, such a proclamation is a n honour that we don’t at all take for granted.

Being in Jamaica and staying at one of the many state of the art resorts is the beginning of perfect. Choosing Best Jamaica as your provider of Private Airport Transfer and Private Tours is being in heaven. The combination will take your breath away. If you asked our past guests they would tell you that your vacation would be impersonal and incomplete unless you experience the warm Jamaican hospitality of the Best Jamaica Team.

Book with us today and begin your journey towards a perfect vacation experience. Whichever resort you will be staying we will be available to take you there.

Riu Palace Private Airport Shuttle

Airport transfer to Riu Palace Montego Bay:

You are Royalty, so the Palace is where you belong; similarly, you deserve only the BEST. Between booking your vacation to the Riu Palace and getting there it’s all covered. Best Jamaica, the most guest-centered transportation provider on the island. Our reviews tell the tale of the treat you will be in for during your short ride to the Riu Palalce.

As a vacation destination, Jamaica is the best. So many guests have commented on the difference between Jamaica and the many other places to which they have traveled. They should know since they have had the experiences. At Best Jamaica we know that” We Know Jamaica BEST”; we love our beautiful island and take pleasure in showing our guest all that is BEST about our island. Your Majesty, come on down to Jam Down and enjoy the royal treatment at your resort and from the best transportation provider, Best Jamaica.

You will begin experiencing the royal treatment very soon after you arrive in Jamaica, because once you exit the airport, you will off in no time. Your host would have summoned your modern motor van, driven by an amiable and professional driver. Within five (5) minutes you will be on the property of the Riu Palace. After your engaging ride from the Montego Bay Airport, phase two of your Best of Jamaica experience will begin.

Private Tour

While you are at the Riu Palace you should enjoy the modern amenities and when you want to get out seeing more of Jamaica, then call best Jamaica and we will design an exciting Day Tour for your pleasure. You’ll be blown away by all that our island has to offer; you will be glad you came.

On the day you depart, Best Jamaica will return at the time scheduled to take you back to the airport; while it will not be a happy moment seeing your Best Jamaica driver all smiles will lighten the day and make your departure all the more bearable. But, don’t worry, you can return any time you want and we’ll be treating you to the best of Jamaica all over again.

 Our rate to the Riu Palace is the lowest in the industry; only $20 each way for 1-4 guests; additional guests pay a minimal addition. Make your reservation today and experience the worry-free process of online booking, timely response, and concise communication with a reliable and knowledgeable team. Then hurry on down to experience the superb face to face encounters. We await your arrival!!!

Blue Hole Excursion Ocho Rios

Blue Hole Excursion Ocho Rios

The secret is now in the open. Secluded, yet not spoiled, and still considered off the beaten path. It is magnificent, majestic and royal, and even more it welcomes all whether you are of the elite class or just a commoner, or if you belong to the aristocracy society or an ordinary common person.

It is deep yet shallow, blue and impressive, remarkable, extraordinary and could be considered a national treasure. It has welcome thousands already and is just as welcoming to the future millions that will come and enjoy her.

In case you are still wondering, we are speaking about the Blue Hole Secret Falls located in the small community of Thatch Hill just 20 minutes from Ocho Rios in St. Ann.

Best Jamaica, the most guest-centric Tour Company on the island offers tours to this private excursion at the best rates. If you are full of vigor and crave adventure and you are in for a great time in Jamaica, the Blue Hole should be on you to do list.

                        Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the difference between Dunn’s Falls River and the Blue Hole?

A: The Dunn’s River Falls is nothing short of being splendid and situated in one of the better parks in Jamaica. It is one of the only water-falls in the world that empties directly into the sea; another fact is: it is a combination of beach and falls.The Blue Hole is less crowded, it is sexier and offers more adventure in the form of activities such as jumping, diving, rope swings, cave exploration and just plain river frolicking.

Q: Could we combine both the Dunn’s River Falls and the Blue Hole on a day trip.
A: Most certainly, Best Jamaica the most guest’s centric Tour Company on the island encourages combining both waterfalls on your day tours. We strongly believe in creating value for money; this is one of our ideals.

Q: How far away is the Blue Hole Secret Falls from Montego Bay?
A: The Secret Falls is about 1.5 hrs drive from Montego Bay and about 1 hour from the cruise port in Falmouth.

Private Tours Jamaica


Private Transportation to Breathless Montego Bay.

    Montego Bay Airport to Breathless Resort

Take your breath away… we imagine that is what you expect when you visit Breathless Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Best Jamaica, the most guest-centred transportation provider on the island will get you to the Breathless resort in a flash and in fine style.

We know that your vacation is a special time and your endeavor to have the time of your life, so we ensure that you will be at the Breathless once you exit the airport. Best Jamaica’s name guides the actions taken to design and deliver service to all our guests. Jamaica is a beautiful island and we ensure that you will experience its beauty from the moment you arrive until the time you depart.

We play our part in doing this by providing high quality, professional, courteous, safe and reliable private airport transfer service. When you experience the superb quality of ground travel provided by Best Jamaica you will want to share your joy with the world like many of our other guests.

You deserve the best so we ensure that you will be received by a personable host, transported by a knowledgeable and careful driver and treated to the warmest Jamaican hospitality while being transported to the Breathless Resort and back to the airport on the day of your departure.

Of course price matters, so we make sure that getting to the Breathless resort from the Montego Bay Airport will not at all break the bank. Best Jamaica has the lowest rate in the industry; only $30 each way, that’s a price no one else can beat. Book your Private Airport Transfer to the Breathless resort today and hurry on down to Jamaica so you can have a “take my breath away experience”.

Montego Bay Airport to Iberostar

Airport Transfer to Iberostar Montego Bay

It has been said so many ways that it doesn’t get better than best. Best Jamaica is the provider of Premier Private Airport Transfer service from Montego Bay Airport to all surrounding resorts. Our service has been described as most excellent; our reviews on TripAdvisor are a testament to the effort we make to be the “guardian of our guests’ satisfaction”.

Private Airport Transfer service is provided by Best Jamaica to the three Iberostar Resorts in Montego Bay: Iberostar Beach, Iberostar Suite and the Iberostar Grande. The three sister resort is located on one property, next to each other so the rate to either of the three destinations is the same, as low price of US$30.

We imagine that you chose Jamaica as your vacation destination because you expect the best; your choice of resort suggests that you intend on having a superb time on our island. The Private Airport Transfer service provided by Best Jamaica gets your vacation off to a great start. Once you book and confirm your reservation we will be awaiting your arrival the moment you exit the airport. Just as we say on your transfer document we will be there: sign in hand to greet you; setting your mind at ease about having to look for us or wait around.

Our worry-free service guarantees that your driver will be waiting for you; having pre-cooled your motor vehicle, you will be off to the Iberostar Resort as soon as you embark your comfortable motor van. Your journey will be a short 15-20 minutes; yet you would have been engaged by your driver who knows just how to treat you to the warmest Jamaican hospitality.

By that time you would have learned that you couldn’t have chosen any other company than Best Jamaica as your Private Airport Transfer. The quality of the service would have already spoken for itself and you would agree with the hundreds of other guests who have proven and know that indeed; Best Jamaica is the best transportation provider in Jamaica.

Treat yourself to the best vacation ever that will start and end with a bang; and you will be able to talk about it for years to come. Call or email us and begin your worry-free Jamaica vacation experience.


Blue Hole Secret Falls

Talk about “off the beaten path”. The Blue Hole Secret Falls in Jamaica certainly fits that frame. Situated in the quiet rustic rural community of Thatch Hill in St. Ann, the Secret Falls is a natural phenomena that is sheer beauty, splendor and affords excitement and a bit of an Adrenalin rush.

It is called Secret Falls because of its location; which is mostly unknown to many. However that is rapidly changing as it is becoming the new wonder of Jamaica with hundreds of visitors enjoy every day. Best Jamaica shares this secret with as many guests as possible that will indulge in the adventure of the majesty of the Secret Falls.

The Blue Hole Secret Falls is relatively easy to access; it is just a short 20 minute drive from the resort town of Ocho Rios. If you are staying on the North Coast or visiting Jamaica on a cruise, this water activity is one of the must-dos.

Best Jamaica, the most guest-centered Tour Company on the island offers private tour to the Blue Hole and more. Let us help you create your best day on the island.

The Blue Hole Secret Falls could be combined with another activity such as the Dunn’s River, horse-back ride and swim, river tubing, Mystic Mountain: home of bobsledding on a rail and canopy. By combining your day tour activities you save time and money; a combo which accentuates one of our ideals; “The Guardian of your Satisfaction”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far away from the Montego Bay is the Blue Hole?
A: The Blue Hole is about a 90 minutes drive from Montego Bay. The drive is scenic and the roads are good; takes you through urban to rural communities giving you a true prospective on the island.

Q: What do we need to bring on a tour to the Blue Hole?
A: Towels, cash, swim-wear, camera and water shoes which can be bought or rented at the location.

Q: What time does tours to The Blue Hole start?
A: We offer only private tours so starting time really depends on you. However, we recommend a start time from Montego at 9:00 AM and Runaway Bay at 10:00 AM.

Q: How much is the admission?
A: The admission at the Blue Hole is $10 per person. This comes with a guide who will take you on the memorable trip.



Montego Airport to Hilton Rose Hall Private Transfer.

   Montego Bay Airport to Hilton Rose Hall

Travelling to Jamaica has never been easier. You searched and found the Hilton Resort located in Rose hall, Montego Bay. Now all you will need to get there once you arrive and are procressed in Immigration and Customs. Best Jamaica, the most guest-centred transportation in Jamaica will be awaiting your arrival.

From your choice of Jamaica as a vacation destination we imagine that you expect to have a splendid time during your stay on our beautiful island. Best Jamaica is the guardian of your satisfaction in this regard. We know that travelling to a foreign country comes with its own concerns. We provide worry-free transportation from the Montego Bay Airport to the Hilton Resort in Rose Hall, Montego Bay.

Best Private Airport Shuttle Montego Bay

Our user-friendly website allows you to make inquiries that will be addressed within hours. Upon booking you will receive your confirmation voucher with all the necessary details to get your vacation off to a great start. Upon arriving in Jamaica you will know for sure that you choose the best transportation company and of course it will be worry-free.

Having been met by your personable host and your driver summoned to your service, the journey to the Hilton will be a short fifteen (15) minutes. You would have embarked a modern mini-van, pre-cooled for your comfort, and within minutes you are off to a great start of your vacation. Best Jamaica would have fulfilled our promise to ensure that your arrival in Jamaica, and travel to your resort being a worry-free experience.

All this is private airport transfer; packaged for you and your party with uncompromised quality and professionalism. The rate from the airport to the Hilton Resort is only US$30; even less that what it sometimes cost for shared transportation. No delay, no stops, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Book today and secure the best ground transportation for the lowest price and hurry down to Paradise.