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Taxis in Jamaica Questions and Answers

How much are taxis in Jamaica?
The rates in Jamaica varies on the type of service as well as location. There basically two types of taxi service in Jamaica. Contract Carriage which is the type used in the tourism sector and then the route tax and stage taxis. Public Passengers vehicles in Jamaica are identified by their license plate which is red and starts with the letter “P”.

Are taxis safe in Jamaica? Yes as a tourist taxis that are reserved for visitors are safe. All drivers who are in the tourism industry must past a “Criminal Background Check” before the Transport Authority of Jamaica present the driver with his or her Transportation Service ID. However, like anything else prudence must be observe and it is better to book with reputable companies or from your hotel.

How expensive are taxis in Jamaica?  Yes, taxis are relatively expensive in Jamaica but one must take into consideration that operational cost is expensive as well. On average, gasoline cost approximately $5.20 USD per gallon and vehicles are almost twice the price to buy in Jamaica than in other countries such as USA, Canada and Europe. Also the government find ways to extort taxi operators and so it helps in pushing up transportation cost on the island.

What kind money used in Jamaica? The official currency in Jamaica is the Jamaican Dollar (JMD). However, USD is widely accepted and it is recommended that you keep your money in USD since it is widely accepted across the island and goods and services will be quoted in USD to visitors. When a visitor exchanges money from USD to JMD the true exchange rate will not be used but rather an inferior rate because this is how the bureau de change makes its money. The problem comes when you need to pay for goods or service and it is quoted to you in USD and JMD is what you have. At this point, in order to pay your JMD will be converted back to USD at the official rate which is considerable higher than what you bought them for. This way, you would lose a few PIPs for sure.

What is the best hotel in Jamaica? There is no one best hotel in Jamaica, most hotel are about the same with a few exceptions? Hotels in Jamaica are generally in great conditioned and service is always top of the line. However, some hotels do have a few more amenities and management style and will cost a more. If one stays within their budget Jamaica is a safe bet.