Blue Hole Excursion Jamaica

The island of Jamaica was formerly called Xamayca by the ancient Arawak Indians who lived here. The word translated means: Land of Wood and Water. There are approximately one hundred and twenty (120) rivers running through the island; the topographical design of the island, being as mountainous as it is, and with the presence of lime stones,water falls are bound to come to the fore and expose hidden secrets.

We are pleased to introduce to you: Best Jamaica; we are the island’s premier provider, organizer and designer of exquisite tours and excursions. Being an islander himself, the founder of Best Jamaica has managed to discover, embrace and appreciate all that is best about Jamaica; and they sure are many.  We have preserved these treasures so that we can share them with our valued guests.

The Secret Fall, also called Blue Hole is one of the island’s wonders and we recommend that our guests treat themselves to the brilliance of this stunning body of water. The Blue Hole is located in the parish of St. Ann, within close proximity to the resort town of Ocho Rios. It lays about twenty five (25) minutes outside the town and awaits every visitor to reveal its extra special secret.


The body of water is a spectacular deep blue that invites the avid diver to explore the depth below; for the more reserved water lovers there are the clearer areas that suggest a higher level of safety for the non-swimmers and water frolics. However, non-swimmers need not to worry, they provide complimentary life vest for the additional safety. The cascading falls is the one of the well kept secrets; the water gushing from the rocks is like medicine for the mind, body and soul. Gushing over the bodies of those who dare to let nature’s bathe them.

The Best Jamaica team are experts at planning day trips to the Blue Hole. Tours and excursions are planned for guests staying at resorts located in Negril, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. Such tours usually include stops at other attractions making the day a fun, memorable and economical one. We pull out all the stops to ensure that our valued guests get the best out of the day and the money you invest.

Your Best Jamaica tour operator is committed to guarantee that you are totally satisfied at the end of the day tour experience. A visit to the Blue Hole Secret Falls is a must do when you visit Jamaica. So many other visitors have secured treasured memories; photos and videos keep their memories alive. You too should indulge in the awesome experience and take the opportunity to capture the moments so that you will be able to treasure them for years to come. When you visit Jamaica do not miss out on exploring the awesome secret of The Blue Hole.

Blue Hole Secret Falls Ocho Rios.







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